EUFORA P.C. is a company founded at Chios island of the North Aegean in Greece. Its activity in the domains of ecology and sustainability, brings together the expertise required for technology and service developers to successfully transfer research to market, creating an environment in which eco-innovative business can thrive..

To make this possible, the company has brought together experts in the field of engineering,  ecology, sustainable technologies, as well as ecological food processing to offer its expertise to private and public customers.

Our working domains so far are:

  • Nature and its sustainable energy sources in non-industrial environments
  • Wind and solar energy alternatives in the Aegean
  • Eco-friendly farming
  • Eco-friendly (solid) waste management
  • Eco networking on agro tourism, summer camping and entertainment
  • Masticha oriented awareness campaigns
  • Masticha optimisation cultivation methodologies and technologies
  • North Aegean environmental impact assessment
  • Environment, economics, and social behaviour
  • circular economy
  • Production and safety of ecological food products, including sensor technologies

To achieve this expertise we are working together with local stakeholders in the field of ecology, agriculture and tourism, as well as with partners from abroad expertised in ecotechnics and engineering.