Areas of expertise

Our expertise is mainly focused towards the field of eco-innovative technologies, applying science that seeks to fulfil human needs while causing minimal ecological disruptions, and harnessing and manipulating natural forces to leverage their beneficial effects.

We achieve this by:

  • increasing the efficiency in the selection and use of materials and energy sources,
  • control of impacts on ecosystems,
  • development and permanent improvement of cleaner processes and products,
  • eco-marketing,
  • introducing environmental management systems in the production and services sectors,
  • training of staff from the tourism sector into becoming ecology aware,
  • development of activities for increasing awareness of the need for environmental protection and promotion of sustainable development by the general public.

Our main working domains:

  • Nature and its sustainable energy sources in non-industrial environments
    • water /hydro power
    • wind power
    • solar power
  • Education for schools (administrators, staff and students)
    • eco-friendly gardening
    • eco-friendly farming
    • eco-friendly (solid) waste management
    • ecology videos and training material
  • Industry
    • eco-technology
    • environmental management systems
    • sustainable (solid) waste management
    • production and safety of ecological food products, including sensory analysis and algorithm development
  • Tourism (education of staff)
    • eco-tourism entrepreneurship
    • eco-friendly/aware hotel staff
  • SMEs
    • ecological (social) entrepreneurship
    • environment, economics, and social behaviour
    • circular economy