HORECACCESS (2018-2020)

HORECACCESS – Specialised training for summer workers to provide accessible and reliable services to customers with disabilities and disadvantages in HORECA sector

Website: www.horecaccess.eu

Funded by: Erasmus+ programme of the EU Commission
Measure: Strategic partnership for development of innovation in vocational education & training

Start date: 01 November 2018
Duration: 24 months


  • Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Sofia, Bulgaria (project coordinator)
  • Belgrade Open School, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Ecology KM Ltd., Brestovitsa, Bulgaria
  • Horeca Partners, Antwerp, Belgium

Aims and objectives

  • During the summer period there are many youth (aged between 15-18) that are seeking for a part-time or full-time job during the vacation period – in Bulgaria the unemployed youth aged 15-24 decreases with 55% in the period May-September 2017 (source: National Statistical Institute, Bulgaria). The employers are eager to employ them because they are without official qualification and could pay less amount for a salary. In the most cases those youths did not participate in any preliminary in-house trainings at the HORECA entities due to lack of time and lack of resources for training staff at those micro enterprises.
  • Therefore we aim to improve:
    • Knowledge about the barriers that different types of disadvantaged customers may face (people with disabilities, pregnant woman, older people, customers with injuries) while entering and using HORECA services;
    • Negotiation and mediation skills during communication with clients with disabilities;
    • Social, civic and interpersonal competences related to the social inclusion of disadvantaged members of the community.
      Open-mindedness towards new initiatives and ways to support the social inclusion of disadvantaged clients

Target groups

  • Hotels, restaurants, catering (CORE focus)
  • Touristic open spaces
  • Museums and cultural places
  • as LEARNERS: Youth (aged 15-29)
  • as TRAINERS: Youth workers, youth trainers, in-house trainers


  • Mobile application for provision of accessible and reliable services to clients with disabilities in HORECA sector
  • Disability understanding guide for youth
  • Structured guidelines on provision of accessible and reliable services to clients with disabilities
  • Handbook for in-house youth workers on conducting supervision of the non-formal learning process with summer working youth employees