SOS SCHOOL (2019-2021)

SOS SCHOOL – Inclusive responsible responsive teachers – European training course for school teachers (and students) on emergency management and first aid through civic engagement


Funded by: Erasmus+ programme of the EU Commission
Measure: Strategic partnership for development of innovation in school education

Start date: 01 November 2019
Duration: 24 months


  • P1: directorate OF SECONDARY EDUCATION, KARDITSA – Greece (project coordinator)
  • P2: Voluntary unit Plovdiv 112 – Bulgaria
  • P3: EcologyKM Ltd. – Bulgaria
  • P4: EUFORA PC. – Greece

Aims and objectives

  • This project aims to create awareness among European school children about the risks caused by disasters and emergencies, their prevention and the most important measures to put in place in case some of them occurs.
  • Children are one of the most vulnerable target groups, especially children from underprivileged backgrounds (roma, immigrants, socio-economic problems, etc.).
  • Through this project, the partners will develop and implement an European training course for school children that will run in the context of a SOS school campaign that will be organised in each participating European school.
  • The participation of the parents, families, school staff and the local communities will also be promoted.

Target groups

  • School staff: teachers, headmasters, administrative staff, pedagogists, etc.
  • Students from primary and secondary schools
  • Parents and families
  • Local communities: local authorities, fire brigades, hospitals, social workers, NGOs working with deprived communities, etc.
  • European community as a whole


  • SOS SCHOOL training programme for teachers, children and school personnel
  • A mobile and online wizard training application for emergency response training in various situations (incl. videos), and a self-assessment stress test (level of preparedness)